Resume Remodel

Happy June! You know what that means it is graduation season! So let’s talk about one of the most important things you can do with that High School diploma or that College Degree… Put it on your resume! Your resume is like a calling card to say what you bring to the table. Resumes are a very important part of life and I’m here to give you the Quaintrelle Treatment. Here are my top ten tips to ace that resume and take a look at how my own personal resume has evolved.


  1. Make it stand out! On average recruiters and HR professionals spend an average of 6 seconds reading a resume. That is not a lot of time so make it count. Add a pop of color or an exciting format. One pro tip that always works is LAMINATE your resume. Seems weird right? It adds a tactile element, an added level of care, and who would throw away a laminated resume?
  2. Tailor your resume to fit the position. Take some time to look through the job description to update your resume with the skills that you have that are required for the position. Also if you have a wide variety of positions on your resume remove the ones that don’t show what experience you can bring to the position.
  3. Don’t trap yourself. On my resume I always put Interior Designer as my title. I am so much more than that so I changed it to Design Professional which more encompasses what I can bring to the position. What could you change in you objective or title?
  4. Keep it to one page. Remember 6 seconds there will be no time to get to the second page so make sure you highlight the most important items 1st. Let’s say you have more experience and knowledge to share. Additional job experience available by request is always safe to put at the bottom if you feel you would like to show more. Gives them something to look forward to.
  5. Use space effectively. Use lines and shapes and even background colors to help divide the space making it easy to read. Put more important items in a prime spot. For example maybe you have a degree in a field that would work well in a position but, not as much job experience. Put your education and skills at the top and your job experience below


This is the 1st resume I ever created I used word and as you can see it is very boring. I used pass community service and did not put my important aspects at the top such as my skills. Although this resume did get me many jobs I can do better.

6. Text style and size are just as important as what you write. You want something that is easy to ready maybe coupled with something fun or taller in the same font family. Times new roman is always a safe bet but I also like Arial and Calibri. Be sure to use bold and italics where needed. It helps to set one text type apart from another. Most importantly be consistent.

7. Take out those cliché words and try to adapt your skills to your experiences. Change responsible for to manage or completed. Take out results-oriented and replace with highlighted skills and accomplishments. Take out creative and show how you have been and ways that you are creative in your cover letter. Just those little changes can allow you to explore your skills and knowledge. Take out your thesaurus and expand your vocabulary.


This was my second resume which I created in in Powerpoint! Its great because you have more ability to manipulate the space. With this resume I divided my professional skills and technical skills. This made me able to define my success as an employee and my technical knowledge as two separate pieces. 

8. Please take out anything before 2010 unless you were there since 2010 or it directly relates to the position. You do not need to list your short lived position at Target in high school or what High School you went to for that matter. It is very important to update your resume as you update yourself.

9. Do your research! Get on the website and find out who your point of contact will be. Maybe an HR Manager or office manager is your main contact. Look up their 1st and last name so you know how to address them when sending out your resume. Your resume is important but, what you say in your email is also just as important. Show what you can bring to the company by telling them why you are interested, what you can bring to the position, and the best way to contact you.

10. Don’t go it alone. Reach out to others and see what they think about you resume. Friends and family can read your resume from a different perspective, or take a look at your formatting, and they are great at catching grammatical errors. Use them to your advantage.


This is the resume that I currently use. I feel like it follows all of the rules. It is eye catching, defines what I can bring to a company, and has a layout that is easy to read. Resumes evolve as you do and I still feel like I can improve mostly because I’m always improving. 

I am currently working on revamping on of my friends resumes following these rules! I would love to help out other ladies or gentlemen who feel their resume needs a remodel. The 1st five people to comment on this post with the rule they most need to work on will get a free resume remodel. Lets help each other out!


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