I’m an Interior Designer!


When selecting your major pick something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, probably because that field isn’t hiring lol. All jokes aside all college students will and have gone through the steps of seeing that the dream job will not happen as soon as you walk across that stage and receive that diploma. It will literally be a waiting game. How do you keep yourself encouraged? What can you do so that when the dream job comes you will be prepared?  Here is my timeline:

June 2011- GraduatedJune 2012- Got fired

Now I’m sure that road looks pretty smooth but, it was not without challenges. 1st of all I got fired from a job… ME can you believe it I’m sure you can’t because I am so loveable. Oddly that was the best thing that ever happened to me as it lead me to one of my most important resume builders. Working for a historical residential home, putting on events, all while making contacts in the interior design community. This position helped me to see things differently it helped me see that I don’t have to be a designer to be in the design community and it put me on the path of thinking that I should stay involve the best I can until the opportunity comes. So my job hunt began with any position that would put me working in design in any way. With property management I was managing vendors, editing floor plans, and staging apartments. I was also able to see remodels and learned a lot about tenant law.


While working at Emerson Hardwood I learned a lot about wood lol. Mostly hardwood flooring and other milled products. It gave me a view into the construction side of things. Most importantly I was in the showroom working with designers, contractors, and homeowners giving me access to all sides. I loved helping others select the right products but, I wanted to be creative. So…. I started Creative Quaintrelle and I feel like I owe my blog some of my success. It helped me with my writing, my ability to communicate ideas, and it put me in a good mood! It also helped me to relax and pull everything I could experience wise from my job so that I could apply it to the next. I had to remind myself that I want to be creative in any way I can not only as a designer. When I let go of that control and that feeling of “it will never happen” and started having fun amazing things started to happen. When I started living life and making my life creative instead of concentrating on the one goal doors started opening, I started meeting amazing women and became more connected to Portland along the way.


I have always said to myself that I can be an interior designer it is a job I could do not just because of the skills that I have but because I love it. I just needed the chance. I have lost many things along the way but there were far better things ahead. To all of you I say have patience and trust in God. As his timing is always right. When I let go of the control in this situation he seemed to say now you are ready. Don’t give up because the talents, gifts and, goals you have are going to be used and you can’t even imagine just how great it will feel when it happens



4 thoughts on “I’m an Interior Designer!

  1. Tricia says:

    Amen, girl!! May the good Lord continue to bless you! BTW you’re the one who inspired me to start my blog, I too needed a way to be creative. I saw your blog and thought it’s so cute and awesome!


    • CQuaintrelle says:

      Tricia!! You are amazing and it is inspiring to me and makes me put out better content knowing that I have readers like you that are inspired by me! I’ve looked at your blog and it is very you and baby girl is adorable!!! We need to get together!

      Liked by 1 person

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