Mix it up!

I’d say my style personality can be a little quirky at times. Mixing patterns when done right can be amazing and when done wrong… an absolute tragedy. People it is summer and there are more colors out there and fun patterns just waiting to get mixed! From florals to stripes to polka dots and damask let’s mix it up. I’m here to show you how!

DSCN3983DSCN4115  DSCN4118DSCN3982 DSCN4117 DSCN3986

1: Top: Striped crop top Tillys Skirt: Sunflower print skater skirt Tillys Waist: Red Flannel TIllys Shoes: Michelangelo Shoedazzle  2: Bralet: Sunflower print Tillys Shirt: Curious cat graphic tee Forever 21 Skirt: Tie dye twist tie skirt TJMaxx Shoes: Michelangelo Shoedazzle  

How I mix it up:

  • Use stripes as a neutral: If you’re just starting out on this pattern mixing adventure try swapping out your white tee or navy tee for stripes! The scale can be mixed up if you want to add more interest. Stripes look great with floral prints and animal prints.
  • Add something to your waist: Flannels and 90s grunge style hasn’t faded and you can jump on it for the summer by adding a flannel to your waist. Great thing is it also helped to add a little length to some very short shorts or a short skirt. Also it will be easy to throw on if the night gets cold
  • Take a look at the color wheel: Try to unify or contrast your patterns using color. Yellow, orange, and red make an analogous scheme try blue and orange together for a complementary scheme. You can mix the patterns but keep the colors unified.
  • Screen tees count as a pattern: Mix a screen tee with a different patterned bottom for an effortless I threw this on look. The screen tee is simple and the print can be small or large. Try and pick a bottom that has some of the colors of the logo on the shirt.
  • Patterned bras are your friend: I love all the new bralets and bandeaus! I am in love with my floral printed one and I love to wear it as a patterned piece. Floral also looks great with plaid, add in some ripped denim shorts (texture is a pattern too) and you’ve got it.

Use stripes as a neutral (1)

Thank you so much to my muse in fashion @Nikitapink she is an amazing friend, stylist and designer! Follower her on instagram and check in here for more fashion posts! How are you styling your mixed prints this season??? #CQmixer and show me your style!


2 thoughts on “Mix it up!

    • CQuaintrelle says:

      Amazing! Yes, quirky is a word for it my friends always tell me they could never where what I wear but it works with me and they can instantly see items in the store that I would like. I guess its all about personal style!


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