Emergency Desk Kit

Since I am gearing up for a new job its about time I updated my emergency kit. You never know when an emergency willΒ come while you are at work. You know what I always say get your girl scout on and be prepared! You never know when you might need to make a trip to happy hour to avoid traffic, or if that hangover hits you at 3:00pm, or God forbid you get hungry lol. Here is what I’m packing for my desk.unnamed

  1. Mascara
  2. Tampons
  3. Mini Mirror
  4. Nail kit with clippers and nail file
  5. Face powder
  6. Face wipes
  7. Oil blotting papers
  8. Advil
  9. Snack bar
  10. Chapstick
  11. Bobby pins
  12. Lotion
  13. Gum
  14. Kleenex
  15. Mini toothbrush
  16. Cute little bag to keep it all together

What are some essentials your keeping at you desk?


2 thoughts on “Emergency Desk Kit

    • CQuaintrelle says:

      All three very important items! So weird at my job we aren’t allowed to use white out they say it makes it look like were trying to hide something lol #officepolitics thank you for stopping by!!!


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