Everything I know about sex I learned from Dance Team

In 8th grade I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I went to High School. Be on dance team!! I wanted to put on that uniform, perform for a crowd, and I imagined it being the quite possibly the coolest thing ever. Dance Team was amazing and it taught me a lot about myself, hard work and, bonding. Thinking back to dance team I can still use all those fundamentals in my daily life. I can even use it when it comes to sex lol. Some of my 1st questions about sex were answered by my more experienced dance captains and you know how it is when girls get together. Of course we are going to play ten fingers and truth or dare lol. In talking to all my dance team friends near and far here is whatΒ Dance team taught us about sex…

Everything I know about Sex

You get get inspired by watching other dancers and performances

Practice makes perfect


Throw in a wink every now and then

If the music stops or starts skipping keep going

A change in formation or position should always include a travel move. Dance your way there.

If you make a mistake keep going make it apart of the routine


Remember to enjoy every move and finish every eight count.

If you don’t sweat you aren’t dancing hard enough

Show up ready to perform! Be in a dancing mindset. Leave all your worries behind.


Making weird faces while you perform is ok

Stretch so you don’t pull a muscle, nothing more embarrassing than hitting a cool move and getting a cramp lol

Its ok to be vocal when you dance. Give some encouragement cheer on your teammates!


Always bring all your supplies to practice. Keep that dance bag full.

Screen all dancers. If they’re not putting in the work they don’t get to perform

Always dance full out test your stamina. Full out or get out my coach always said lol

The best part is surprising those who didn’t know what you were capable of. Don’t just talk the talk, dance the dance.


Practice the fundamentals. Your technique is important and will play a role in the real performance.

Learn to take critiques as well as give them. All apart of the success of a good team.

Take time to bond with your teammates outside of practice


Don’t forget to stay hydrated

Flexibility helps your performance

Finish the whole routine before taking breaks. You can fall on the floor and rest when your finished.

Hard times call for some serious dancing


Don’t forget to shave

Make eye contact with the crowd

So here is to all the lovey ladies and gentlemen who dance or have danced. You know what they say dancers do it better…


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