Sorry for the wait…

Holy shit I haven’t posted a blog post in 4 weeks!! How did that even happen??? Please please please forgive me and let me back onto your phone and computer screen!! As you may already know I got my 1st job as an interior designer and lets just say it has been kicking my ass. Don’t get me wrong it is kicking me in all the right places spurring my creativity, determination, and problem solving skills. I am hoping I can take that and put it to use when it comes to my writing and all the other creative things I do. This blog is important to me and even more so are my readers!! What started as a creative outlet has now become more of a creative platform. Soooo… yes I have been having a lazy summer but, I have also learned a lot! I am hoping to kick my own butt and start some accountability by really following my editorial calendar and scheduling time out to be creative in other ways.


So look out QT’s Quaintrelle is back and she is looking to cook more amazing meals, give you more outrageous Katrina stories, and basically live a life worth talking about. As we move into a different time of year I thank you for hanging on this summer and I can’t wait to give you more more more because dammit you deserve it!! Here’s to SEPTEMBER you’ll be seeing a lot of me!


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