Katrina gets a Brazilian

Katrina was tired of the hassle of shaving, the razor bumps, and never being ready for a one nightstand. I tell all my friends that I do not even remotely understand how they shave when it is so easy and fast to get a wax. I believe that every woman should at least try it twice. The 1st time hurts like a bitch and will not be as good so the second one will seal the deal and then you’ll be hooked.


Katrina loved the waxing lady from 1st glance. She was urban and extremely cool. When she walked in she filled paperwork out. It asked about the prescriptions you take, when was the last time you went tanning, and then all the other basic questions. It was like signing away your life to the waxing Gods luckily it came with a shot of Goldschlager. Katrina took her roommate with her for moral support lol.

So of course Katrina was very nervous but she thought, “I’m here lets rip out some hair lol.”

Katrina removed her pants and on my suggestion went commando that day. She set everything on the little chair. It was supper awkward standing there with no pants and a shirt on and then climbing up on a table similar to the one you get on when you get a massage except your not really there for relaxation lol. So basically anxiety was on high. Luckily the lighting was draped and the black linen on the bed made it very comfortable.

Then your laying there like your in a coffin your hands folded across your chest and she asks you to fan out one leg like your doing criss cross applesauce and the hot waxing begins and someone is touching your hoohaw.

She does the 1st area and Katrina thinks, “hey this isn’t that bad. It’s a little stinging pain but it happens so fast, kind of like ripping off a Band-Aid over before you know it.

Then Katrina asks, “what part will hurt the worst??

“Well it depends”, says the Esthetician.

BUT then she waxed the lower LOWER area… and Katrina said, “oh yep that was worst”. Then the esthetician finally admits, “that’s the part that hurts that worst but I didn’t want to say lol.”

“Why prepare yourself for the worst its going to happen anyway”, says the Esthetician.

When the front was finally finished she has you lie on your side and hold your knees up to your chin and hold up the top butt cheek. Only problem is Katrina was soo nervous that her hands got all sweaty and it was hard to hold her butt cheek. She was scared that if she let go her butt cheeks would get stuck together by the wax (very true). So she used her other hand too lol.

After all that it was over. Smooth, silky, and ready for a one-night stand in a moments notice lol. Katrina was given after care advice and offered exfoliating gloves. She felt so comfortable with my incredible waxing lady and with the process that of course she scheduled her next appointment.

Moral to the story: Creative Quaintrelle knows best! Want more tips on waxing and how to get it right see one of my posts specifically on the dos and don’ts. Looking for a great salon in Portland??? Check out Aureus Salon and tell her Sharia sent you!!


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