Creative Quaintrelle embodies everything I want to be, everything I am, and everything I want to show.

Want to be: A woman who has a passion for life and expresses herself according to her own terms and does what it takes to take care of herself and make herself happy.

Everything I am: Creative is a word I would use to describe myself. Creativity is defined as a phenomenon whereby something new and in some way valuable is created. I am constantly creating and why keep that all to myself

Everything I want to show: I have a story to tell. A story that many people may relate to. I am making meals, decorating, and experiencing new things. In sharing my experiences with others maybe I can inspire someone to get into the kitchen or take charge of the design in their space. I am hoping to share the fact that it is possible to still surprise yourself.

Basharia Middleton



The type of girl who dances on table tops

Up front and blunt when needed

Living this crazy life which I know is a testament to all women doing the same thing


Creative Quaintrelle for me is an outlet. Not only do I get to share these ideas with you but, I also get to move them out of my head to make room for new ones! The more ideas I share the more I have. One idea sparks another. Every time I finish a project or make a new recipe it sparks my mind to try something new!

I love to write and I feel like as a woman who is 26, with no kids and, independent I represent a special demographic of women paving a path that is their own and looking forward to all that life has right now while building better for the future. Recently I have met so many wonderful creative woman who are doing things their way and kicking butt may I add.

I’m adjusting… I want to create a life I am proud to live a life that I don’t need to escape from. I’ll be posting a variety of posts on projects I’m working on as well as showing you my lifestyle from clothing to exercise. As a single girl you will also get to hear about my misadventures in bar hopping, online dating, and other ways I seek out companionship lol. My story is every girls crazy story I’m doing it just so you know your normal lol. This will definitely show you me and my life in PDX. Anything else you wanna see? Please drop me a line, feedback is always appreciated!


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